The Opening Party (9/26)

6:00pm • Thursday, September 26th, 2013 • 45th Street Taphouse

On Thursday, September 26th at 6:00pm, we’ll be hosting an opening party for the Cars & Cameras Pop-up Photography Show. There will be multiple raffles for such things as a set of 3SDM 0.06 wheels, a full car wrap from Rubber Wraps, Wheel-Whores Cleaning Kits, and a $200 powdercoating gift certifcate from Vagwerks, just to name a few. We’ll also be snapping a photo or two of every car in the GTG and offering an exclusive photobooth special (click here) that includes reserved parking. The 45th Street Taphouse will also have a nice array of food and drink specials—keep up with us on Instagram at @morethanmoreusa for updates!

Parking in the 45th Street complex is extremely limited and will be by RSVP only. (see below)



The 45th Street Complex has room for roughly 250 cars, but as we experienced last year with the Wheel-Whores US Launch Party, roughly twice as many cars will likely show up. In an effort to eliminate traffic congestion we’ve established an RSVP system that will allow you to pre-pay for your parking pass, and in turn also receive a special goodie bag, among other things. On Thursday the 26th, if the lot has been sold out before the event all cars trying to show up and park day-of will be turned away to find parking elsewhere nearby.


To reserve your spot in the Cars & Cameras Opening Party GTG and receive free goodies from MTM and the sponsors as well as raffle items, please choose one of the options below:

RSVP • Click here (reserved parking, event poster, stickers, general raffle ticket)

Event shirt • Click here (limited edition event shirt, 3SDM wheel set raffle ticket, reserved parking, event poster, sticker, general raffle ticket)

Food & Drinks

The 45th Street Taphouse has a fantastic food menu and huge selection of over 100 beers. They’ll be offering food and drink discounts as well, so please keep an eye on this page or follow us on Instagram at @morethanmoreusa for updates!


•Absolutely no alcohol in the parking lot—There are 5 bars on-site with very affordable (and delicious) food and drinks.

•If you’re found to be drinking in the parking lot you’ll be given one warning. After that, one of the 12 security staff will kindly escort you off premises and ban you from 45th for the rest of the weekend.

•Burnouts, revving and general mayhem will not be tolerated. NO WARNINGS—if you do it once, pound sand and please be polite to the OCPD when they speak to you.