Day 69 – Lily Lake to Yellowstone & Jackson, Wyoming

I had to stop for a buffalo coming through Yellowstone! it was standing right there in the middle of the road, bringing traffic to a halt with ease. I had come around a blind corner and all I saw were brake lights, only then did I realize why. 

The buffalo graze the green pastures of the country side and it seems most of the valleys have a creek or river that meanders through, snaking its way through the grasses. 

Like the rest of the National Parks, Yellowstone is no different. Lots of people. Instead of pulling over and stopping to take photos, drivers instead go 5mph, turkey necking, swerving over the double yellow into oncoming traffic. After a while, the scenery gets to be the same, it begins to blend together. 

I pulled into Jackson around 7pm, looking for a cheap meal and wifi. I landed upon Pinky G’s, a pizza place tucked back off the curb always, right downtown. I enjoyed a slice of chicken and veggies and asked the woman working on camping suggestions, to which she told me about Curtis Canyon, just 15 minutes east of downtown. 

I took her recommendation and headed up past the Elk Refuge Land, about 8 miles into the Bridget Teton National Forest. I’m set up at 8060 feet and it’s beautiful, but the mosquitoes are out and they are thirsty! 

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