Day 71 – Jackson

The Missing Sock Laundromat has free wifi, so I took I’ll advantage of that and worked on some things while getting some clean clothes. At times it’s difficult to keep the blog current due to lack of wifi internet and a limited data plan. But I’m getting by! 

The local library was open, and I printed some documents and used the computers to check on some items. It’s nice being able to look at a large screen, I’ve become immune to my small iPhone screen. Seeing some photos on a big screen I now realize they aren’t the greatest quality, not much I can do now! 

I wandered into Asymbol, an art gallery and retail store that Travis Rice, a professional snowboarder and Jackson native, opened a couple of years ago. Seeing the art all revolving around snow and winter is special, I’ve always liked the winters. Some of the photographs and the paintings just take my breath away. I spoke with Ashley, the manager, and Travis’ sister, for quite a while, discussing life in Jackson and life in general. 

I got back to camp around 7, before the swarm of bugs come alive once more. I sat playing harmonica, trying to remember the basics and the lessons I had a few years ago. 

It’s quiet up here, I’m near the end of the road and have only seen a few other vehicles continue past me. Aside from the bugs, this site is one of my favorites so far.  

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