Day 72 – Jackson

Bug spray is a life saver! What a difference that stuff makes, and I’m now in recovery, finally. While at the store I picked up some groceries, the typical: top ramen, hamburger buns, Clif bars, a few soft drinks and some apples. It’s enough food for a week for me, so I shouldn’t be eating out for a while. 

I got back to camp, passing quite a few Subarus heading up the mountain at a snails pace. Bugs were out so I laid down in the tent and dosed off for a few minutes. I woke up to a deer not even 5 feet from the tent, digging up a plant. At fist I wasn’t sure what kind of animal it was, and I didn’t feel the need to know all that much, so I laid there listening to the animal dig away. It wasn’t until a Jeep drove by with the radio turned up too loud that the animal ran off, and I got a glance to see it was in fact, a deer. 

Here I am in the middle of the National Forest, where I expect to have quiet nett and solitude, and someone rolls by with the stereo so loud that I could hear it for another 10 minutes as the continued up the mountain side. 

I started a fire relatively early in the evening, hoping the smoke would keep the worst or the bugs away. I sat nearby working on some of my German lessons and working on a video edit of all the footage I’ve taken so far. 

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