Day 73 – Jackson to Redfish Lake, ID

Before I departed I checked over the bike, and I’m glad that I did. My tool bag that was strapped to the inside of the left pannier had broken the threads on the bag and was just dangling. It had some marks on it where it had rubbed the tire and chain, thankfully it didn’t get bound up. 

I also found the Moose Racing top case was rattling, all 4 of the mounting bolts on the inside had vibrated loose. I tightened those down as much as I could. 
The front tire is getting pretty worn down, I’m pushing almost 11,000 miles on it now, but it looks aright for a few more days I think. Other than this few issues, the V Strom is holding up great, hasn’t burnt an ounce of oil and still going strong! 

I hopped over to Craters of the Moon, a vast lava flow. The wild flowers look quite funny contrasting a sea of darkness. It was nearly 100 degrees and I didn’t feel like doing any hiking so I opted for the short scenic drive loop, which took about a half hour. Seeing craters and remains of volcanoes in the middle of southern Idaho seems so odd! 
I made it into Ketchum late in the afternoon and noticed the skies were darkening and winds were picking up. I checked the radar and geared up for what was going to be a wet ride! I endured the storm and got to Redfish Lake, thanks to the recommendation of Julia from Medford, Oregon. 

A beautiful alpine lake, nestled at the base of the snow capped peaks, filled with crystal clear water. It’s still a bit cold to go swimming! 

 I spent the evening reading, trying to drown out the loud, partying neighbors. I spoke with the other neighbors quite a bit, Bruce and Nancy. Residents of Bozeman, they were married 42 years ago at Swan Lake, north of Missoula about 70 miles. They said if possible I need to stop there for a night.

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