Day 75 – Blodgett Creek to Ashley Lake

I stopped at the Ravali County Museum in Hamilton on my way out of town. I have some family history in the Bitterroot so I asked about that and found some great information.  

Up to Seeley Lake only took about 45 minutes, not even that I don’t think. I went to Univeristy of Montana for a short time and didn’t even venture outside of the campus hardly – something I would do differently the second go around. My father has snowmobiles at Seeley before and has always spoke about it, so I made it a point to go through there. 

I continued on and got to Swan Lake thanks to the suggestion of the neighbors a few nights ago. There was only one campground next to it and it was filled up for the night. I continued on into Kalispel around Flathead Lake and had a pint of Moose Drool at Mooses Saloon on Main Street. 

Ashley Lake is about 20 miles west of Kalispel and I made it home for the night. I’m glad I bought a second tarp a few weeks ago, it came in handy as I rode out the lightning, wind, rain and thunder. It would have been been quite a show from a solid shelter, watching the flashes strike across the turquoise clear waters, sunning up the valley. I still enjoyed it from the dry side of my tarp and tent! 

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