Day 76 – Ashley Lake MT to Steamboat Creek ID

With great risk comes great reward, and this morning I rose to a beautiful sunny day! I took advantage of the warm sunshine and went for a swim in the lake. I let the rays dry out the tent and tarp from the wet night. 

I headed south around Flathead Lake on the 93 and then hopped over to Plains, into the next valley west. I cruised up the 200 to Thompson Falls and had myself a delicious Girl Scout ice cream cone at Little Bear Cafe. 

It’s nice getting back in to familiar territory. I recognize mountains and river names. Some of the road signs even have my hometown and mileage listed, the most recent one said, “Spokane – 186 miles.” After nearly three months of being on the road I’m finally within an arms reach of home, even though home has been where my bike is. And I’ve gotten used to that. I’ve gotten used to having everything I need in the bike with me. I think about all the items and personal belongings in Spokane I have and I wonder to myself what my intentions are with them.

I could have it all the way back to Spokane today but I figured I better enjoy the Coeur d’Alene River, and Steamboat Creek specifically. Growing up my father always brought my brother and I here for snowmobiling. I always will remember the first ten miles from the pickup truck: perfectly smooth, double wide trail like a highway, and right next to the beautiful creek, half frozen. We would rally up and down this trail, rat racing back and forth up the creek side road, always stopping at the next intersection to joke and laugh and make sure the pack is all there. 

It feels a bit like home here. It’s a place I’ve got very fond memories of. We would always stop at the Snake Pit in Kingston for breakfast or dinner on the way. We’ve had wet miserable days here, riding just an hour and being soaked in the rain, instantly ruining the fun. I’ve seen saplings just a few feet tall in an open pasture mature and fill the prairie, too thick to ride through now. I’ve seen my brother at age 12, probably, trench Dad’s new Polaris RMK 700 right in that same pasture. I’ve been at the top of Grizzly Peak overlooking the Coeur d’Alene River.  

So here I am, up Steamboat Creek off the Coeur d’Alene River. A place that feels comfortable and familiar. 

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  • Michael says:

    I love what you wrote here, “I think about all the items and personal belongings in Spokane I have and I wonder to myself what my intentions are with them.”

    The older I get, the more I realize that my money is way better spent on memories instead of things. I am in the middle of downsizing a lot of things that I own, simply because I am tired of them owning me. Much to consider in the future.

    Glad you chose to camp there too….it looks like a bit of heaven on earth.

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