Beech Studios: Lightspeed Classic Porsche 911

Fahren in Reinster Form • Tim Schrick • Beech Studios

Some of the greatest videos to come out of the car community in recent years all seem to focus on one thing: The Porsche 911. From the Petrolicious “One Car to Do It All” video, showcasing Jack Olsen’s ’72 911 RSR to eGarage’s latest piece with Magnus Walker, titled “Midnight Rambler”, showcasing the Urban Outlaw’s ’71 911 Turbo owning the streets of LA, the current automotive filmmaking scene is ripe with 911s, and rightly so. Most recently, however, and definitely with the most attitude, comes the Lightspeed Classic Porsche 911 with wheelman, Tim Schrick, calling the shots.

For those privy eyes, The Lightspeed Classic Porsche 911 isn’t anything terribly new. I first spied it on Speedhunters last fall and it was love at first sight. Much like the Singer cars, Lightspeed Classic has the keenest of eyes when it comes to details and every build is full of hidden gems that are only noticeable upon the most scrutinizing of reviews. With 25 years of experience racing Porsches, Lightspeed takes the already-near-perfect 911 chassis and strengthens it, along with stiffer springs, and all of the more modern technology that might be found in later models, such as the 964, and hides it behind the sleek and classic lines of the original 911 body.

With Tim Schrick behind the wheel and Band of Skulls in the speakers, the quick cuts of the Lightspeed Classic Porsche 911 by Beech Studios demonstrate the car’s purpose and capabilities perfectly. Without a single word spoken or even the slightest bit of backstory, within the first 10 seconds every viewer has a taste of what to expect: adrenline-filled hooning. Tim Schrick means business, and this Porsche 911 delivers. With relentless fury and clouds of smoke as the tires fight the tarmac, Schrick pushes the car to its limits, makes one final turn, and is out.

I’ve seen more car videos than I can honestly remember at this point, and this is the one that does it for me. It ignites your interest within seconds, keeps you craving more, and when you’re left with the titles rolling and the short film closing, all you can concentrate on is finding more videos like it—of the same car, driver, or by the same filmmaker.

Well done, Beech Studios, I can’t wait to see what’s next!


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“Death by Diamonds and Pearls” by Band of Skulls

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