Part 6 – The Mk7 VW GTI RS Build Begins!

The Mk7 Golf Pandem Rocket Bunny widebody kit was shipped, the Vossen Forged LC-106T wheels were off the car and replaced with stocks. Next was the trek up the eastern seaboard, from Miami to New York City, where Swoops awaited the arrival of my GTI. By now, the eventual state of the GTI RS is pretty known, but back in April 2016 the final vision was still taking shape and the first step was cutting into the body.

Once on the lift, we decided to take the most conservative approach possible, cutting a very minimal amount out of the rear arches off the car. The goal was not to over-cut, allowing plenty of space to build out a rough metal widebody under the flare. Acting as both a fender liner and structural support, the metal underbody proved to be one of the most time-consuming aspects of fabrication, but a key component to the build. I planned on bringing the car to the track once it was finished with its promotional duties, and a strong, reinforced body was a necessity.



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