Racing Pitstop Comparison

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Pitstops. We’ve all seen them, and if you’re anything like me then by the time my jaw hits the floor the car is already racing away. Pitstops have always been one of my favorite parts of motorsports, and I really hope to be right behind the barricade during one, one day. But it wasn’t until i saw this racing pitstop comparison that I really knew how much they all differed.

For the majority of my life the extent of my racing involvement has been from either behind a screen or at the local oval track where the main event was always a demolition derby. Once I was of age to drive my interest in autocross sprouted and grew into trying to photograph any and every event that crossed my path in an effort to learn more about how they work.

From some ICSCC races at Pacific Raceways to The Race of Gentlemen, my spectatorship was diverse-but-limited. It wasn’t until I visited Daytona International Speedway this winter for the Rolex 24 that I really felt the thirst. It was invigorating in more ways than I was aware of, and it ignited a passion that I trust will be with me until my final days. But until those days, here’s a racing pitstop comparison video, care of RDWomack2—while this is not the cameraperson responsible for all the action, and we do highly value original content, we couldn’t help but share, as it’s all sourced from televised coverage.

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