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November 12th, 2016 • Destination Daytona, Florida, USA

Florida. My initial thoughts go right to Chik Fil-A, old people, golf carts, and alligators. Place Daytona before that, and my mind goes right to Nascar, driving on the beach, old people, golf carts and gators. I’d say Chik Fil-A again but now I’m too concerned with crazed elderly Nascar fans in V8 golf carts and those effing alligators around every turn. Shit.

Now mention Simply Clean—the massive annual car show held at Destination Daytona, Florida that brings together hundreds of modified vehicles and enthusiasts, and a very different set of thoughts are evoked.


The weekend kicks off with a pre-meet open to all at BC Forged, who’s warehouse is only a short distance away from Destination Daytona on Friday evening. Attendees get the opportunity to check out the BC facility up close, get an early scope of what will be at the next day’s show, and catch up with old friends as well as make new acquaintances. Food trucks are on site to keep those in attendance from becoming a hangry mob. I wish I could elaborate more on how great the BC meet was but I was busy hanging out on the tarmac of JFK airport in NY on a delayed flight to Miami. From what I’ve heard and seen thus far though, it seems like I might just happen to be getting “sick” that Friday next year already!


Simply Clean 8 is held Saturday at Destination Daytona’s huge pavillion and surrounding lots, which filled up very quickly with an extremely eclectic field of vehicles and vendors. German cars with Japanese body kits, Japanese cars with Domestic engines, RHD things, fully-built track cars with beefy wheel and tire setups, double digit degree cambered vehicles with all the stretch… You name it and it was there in various configurations. There is, without a doubt, something for everyone to appreciate. New Hampshire’s John Ludwick debuted his super clean E23 735i, fitted with Air Lift Performance management. A custom made switch box, retrofitted into the factory car phone, is the hidden gem of the build, finished with the unicorn BBS kit rubber spoiler and front valence.

Sam Dobbins may have won the longest drive prize (there’s no prize, I lied!) driving straight from SEMA in Las Vegas to Daytona in the MK7 GTIRS. BC brought a tremendous fleet of vehicles to showcase their wheel and coilover lines, Including a JK on 30 something inch tires and forged splits. Also in the BC lineup was Will Tetro’s wild twin turbo LSX swapped FC3s RX7 with one off carbon fiber interior panels.

Titan Motorsports brought RWB Orlando, their mint green 993 C4 with color matched cage and deep lipped Rotiform LSRs. In the Cambergang zone, tilt wheeled vehicles of all kinds, including one of the wildest Y33 Infinitis I’ve ever seen which had been converted to a coupe,  sporting huge box fenders to accommodate wheels that must have been 15” wide at minimum.


A super clean OEM+ light blue on cream 60’s Cadillac De Ville laid out in the pavilion, a drag ready Miata with a Precision turbo nearly the same size as the rest of the engine, a Diahatsu Microvan converted to a shaved ice truck and a magenta/aqua paint scheme you could see from half a mile away (literally)… But these are only a couple examples of what Simply Clean had within the grounds.


Finally, the atmosphere at the event is what really sets Simply Clean apart from many other shows. There was the buzz of excitement that was present throughout the event that lasted to the very end of the night. People were in constant motion throughout the grounds—all smiles and good vibes. There was a mannequin challenge at some point, a raffle where attendees were asked to donate necessary items for the homeless population in exchange for tickets, and an absence of judging/categories/classes. Affordable parking was nice too—charged per vehicle as opposed to per person, which is nearly unheard of. All this added to the feeling that Simply Clean’s motive behind the event was to unify people with common passions while benefiting those less fortunate.


Simply Clean rates high up on my list of shows to hit for the year, the combination of chilled out vibes and massive variety of vehicles and styles makes it a must in my book. Also, while not part of Simply Clean, there’s also a vintage race the same weekend at Daytona speedway worth checking out. Just make a left at the Chik Fil-A and park your golf cart next to the alligator pit.


Click here for the full photoset from Simply Clean 8!

Click here for the full photoset from Simply Clean 8!


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