The 2016 Calendar

On Presale Now • Featuring VW, Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Mini

It’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since I first produced a VW/Audi calendar. I had just returned home from my first H2O International, didn’t have a “real” job, and was super excited about the new part of the VW/Audi community that I had just experienced. Fast forward seven years, though, and it seems all too lucky. The 2016 Calendar has been more of a challenge than I ever anticipated, but I hope that they juice is worth the squeeze for everyone anticipating its release!

For 2016 I decided to branch out a bit. By including a pair of BMWs and Porsches, I felt like the general feeling of the calendar remained, but it now includes a bit more of the European car community that we all know and love. From Doey’s E21 to Brandon’s 356, there’s something for everyone now, and a 13th month is even included, beginning with December 2015.

To help promote the 2016 More Than More Calendar I enlisted the help of Jonathan Dehate and Lauren Renfrow, and we filmed a short video while shooting the final two cars: Nickoli’s Mini and Brandon’s Porsche 356. But it’s not just another car video shot on some new fancy gear, instead we filmed it entirely using iPhones (a 5S for time lapses and the new 6S for most everything else, though I forgot to put it on 4K!).

The 2016 calendar should be hot off the press in the next couple days and ready for it’s debut at Simply Clean 7 this weekend (11/14) in Daytona, Florida. In the meantime, though, go ahead and place your preorder, because between now and 11/16 all stateside preorders will also receive free shipping (with code 2016SHIPFREE). Stay tuned for more photos of the calendar’s production and take a look at the massive amount of goods we have on sale right now!

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