Wolfsgart 2017 Photos

August 3-6th, 2017 • Burlington, Vermont, USA


After having such a great time in Burlington for Wolfsgart 2016, there was no hesitation whatsoever in the decision to make the journey back to the Green Mountain State for the gathering of primarily-European cars! With shoots and tasks scheduled for a variety of clients and subject matter, I was in for a long, tiring weekend, but the beautiful scenery and architecture throughout Burlington more than made up for it! However, my Wolfsgart 2017 photos can’t capture it all, so it’s probably best that you just add it to your 2018 calendar right now because it’s not a weekend to be missed!

As soon as I landed in Burlington I made my way to the Champlain Valley Exposition, where the GTI RS was patiently awaiting me. My last experience with the car was at the European Experience in Savannah, Georgia, three months prior, as the car is on tour with VW as part of their enthusiast booth display. Once loaded up it was as if only a short moment had passed and it was off to the races—or at least the race of photoshoots!

A heavy shooting schedule between Vossen, VW and this coverage you see here meant there was much scouting to do in order to get ahead of the curve of the weekend, so I made my way to downtown Burlington to wander about the city. The mix of old brick and sleek, modern construction makes Burlington very unique while also a great place to shoot cars of all generations, and to my enjoyment scouting the city was a breeze. We met up at Foam Brewers on Thursday night for Cars & Foam, the first of many small events of the festival, and brought the evening in with beers in hand!

Friday morning brought sunshine and an array of photoshoots, and before we knew it the guys at Bag Riders were hosting their annual BBQ, filled with cars of all types as well as local food and beer. Andrew (@iamdrewseph) made his way there, capturing the festivities in all their glory. From Miatas to Mercedes, the cars at the BRBBQ never disappoint and set a great tone for the rest of the weekend!

As the sky brightened on Saturday morning the clouds were revealed, with the threat of rain overhead. Within minutes of arriving at the Champlain Valley Exposition the drops began, slow at first but growing to an all-out downpour. The team at VW brought out the ponchos and showgoers swarmed to shelter under the tents that were set up, unfazed by the wet start to the day. The guys at Bag Riders seemed to be of the most prepared, with jackets at the ready.

Inside, where the Alpha Class resides, stayed nice and dry throughout the morning rain, where some of the more noteworthy builds of the event were on display. In the center of the hall the Battle of the Builds were on display, elevated on four-post lifts for full inspection and crowd appreciation.

Outside, after the skies opened up and rain ceased, it was time for one of Wolfsgart’s most anticipated events—the limbo! Cars circled around the middle of the fairgrounds competing for lowest roof line with droves of people creating a tunnel for the cars to pass through.

Next stop on Saturday was Winooski, where the streets are shut down and fill with cars for another sub-event called Air Out. The Alpha Class and other pre-selected cars lined the streets as the sun set, with a wide variety of bars and restaurants in the vicinity for showgoers to refresh themselves before heading back to the campground for an evening of partying!

Sunday morning rolled around all-too-quick and it was time for day two of the event. The skies were bright and the temperature was up, a stark contrast to the dreary day before. Before we knew it the second limbo of the weekend was happening in front of the Sam’s Euro Booth (@samseurowestside) again and the awards were just around the corner. We shot a bit more and before I was ready, it was time to return my GTI RS to the fine folks at VW to continue on its tour.

It’s safe to say that this show is only going to get better, as more people travel from farther-away places and the word continues to get out. Burlington is such an amazingly-beautiful city and the perfect midsummer getaway, and the variety of events happening throughout the weekend really makes a great all-around time. Many thanks to all the people that make it happen, particularly this guy, Sam, of Sam’s Euro and Westside (@samseurowestside), for helping make the Vossen booth and GTI RS placement happen. See you next year!


Click here for the Wolfsgart 2017 Photos!


Click here for the Wolfsgart 2017 Photos!

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