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What’s #boycott45thst All About?

Hello ladies and gents! You’re probably here because you’ve seen some drama unfolding on the internet, so here’s the truth behind #boycott45thst. In classic, passionate,…

Aaron Dix's 1960 VW Beetle on Daytona Beach, FL - © Jonathan Dehate 2014 - 1032-s

Aaron’s 1960 VW Beetle

It’s  been nearly five months since I snapped the photographs you see here. Nearly five months since Aaron and I loaded in this heap and headed down…

Inspiration Detour

More Than Cars
Atmosphere Southsiders Tour - Live at the BoA Pavilion in Boston, MA - © Sam Dobbins


Atmosphere, it’s just a ten letter word. Ten letters that represent two incredibly-talented artists who I’ve followed for more years than I can count. I’ve never…


A Flash in the Night

  A little while and I will be gone from among you, whither I cannot tell. From nowhere we came, into nowhere we go. What…

He Is Legend at the Blue Nile - Harrisonburg VA - 6460

He Is Legend

Many, many years ago, back home in Spokane, Washington, there was a little show. I was unfamiliar with the band, but the second they started…